History of Halloween

September 27, 2006 at 9:16 pm (Halloween History)

There are many versions of the history of Halloween and there is probably some truth to each of them. This is the version we’re going with:

All Saints Day has been celebrated on November 1st. this day has been called many things from ‘All Hallows’, also called ‘All Hallowmas’, or ‘All Saints’, or ‘All Souls’ Day. Halloween, or the Hallow E’en as they call it in
Ireland, means All Hallows Eve, or the night before the All Saints Day.

In old English the word ‘Hallow’ meant ‘sanctify’. In the Christian religions All Hallows Day was set aside to worship saints – both known and unknown. This was one of the most important days of the year for the church.

The Romans observed the holiday of Feralia, intended to give rest and peace to the departed. Participants made sacrifices in honor of the dead, offered up prayers for them, and made oblations to them. The festival was celebrated on February 21, the end of the Roman year. In the 7th century, Pope Boniface IV introduced All Saints’ Day to replace the pagan festival of the dead. It was observed on May 13. Later, Gregory III changed the date to November 1. The Greek Orthodox Church observes it on the first Sunday after Pentecost.

Despite this connection with the Roman Church, the American version of Halloween Day celebration owes its origin to the ancient (pre-Christian) Druidic fire festival called “Samhain”, celebrated by the Celts in Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Samhain is pronounced “sow-in”, with “sow” rhyming with cow. In Ireland the festival was known as Samhein, or La Samon, the Feast of the Sun. In Scotland, the celebration was known as Hallowe’en. In Welsh it’s Nos Galen-gaeof (that is, the Night of the Winter Calends.

According to the Irish English dictionary published by the Irish Texts Society: “Samhain, All Hallowtide, the feast of the dead in Pagan and Christian times, signalizing the close of harvest and the initiation of the winter season, lasting till May, during which troops (esp. the Fiann) were quartered. Faeries were imagined as particularly active at this season. From it the half year is reckoned. also called Feile Moingfinne (Snow Goddess). The Scottish Gaelis Dictionary defines it as “Hallowtide. The Feast of All Soula. Sam + Fuin = end of summer.” Contrary to the information published by many organizations, there is no archaeological or literary evidence to indicate that Samhain was a deity. The Celtic Gods of the dead were Gwynn ap Nudd for the British, and Arawn for the Welsh. The Irish did not have a “lord of death” as such. Thus most of the customs connected with the Day are remnants of the ancient religious beliefs and rituals, first of the Druids and then transcended amongst the Roman Christians who conquered them.


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Halloween Links

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We hope you find our Halloween links to be very helpful in your pursuit of information about one of our favorite holidays. If you have a Halloween site that is not listed, please leave a comment at the end, and we will do our best to add it to the Halloween links list.
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  • 101 Halloween Ideas Find some tips to make decorating your house for Halloween more haunting.
  • 1Halloween.net Features tips for creating Halloween costumes and decorations, recipes, songs and lyrics, jokes, games, and more for kids, teachers, and adults.
  • Afterlife Forums Forums for scary stories, haunted houses, and horror-themed classfieds.
  • All Family Resources: Happy Halloween – Costume and party ideas, jokes, safety tips, activities, recipes, and more.
  • AlwaysHalloween – Includes ideas and instructions for projects and props, as well as recipes, graphics, links, and more.
  • American Greetings: Happy Halloween – Features Halloween eCards, printable cards, invitations, desktop wallpapers and screensavers, plus Halloween history and trivia.
  • Attitudes of Various Faith Groups Towards Halloween
  • Ben & Jerry’s Halloween – Presents online Halloween games, wallpaper, cards, free screen savers, decoration ideas, and a brief history of the holiday.
  • Better Homes and Gardens: Halloween – Halloween costumes, crafts, and ideas for kids and adults from Better Homes and Gardens. Includes tips for Halloween decorating party planning, making costumes, and trick-or-treating safety.
  • Billy Bear’s Halloween – Offers party and game suggestions, online jack-o’-lantern carving, as well as Halloween wallpaper, backgrounds, and screen savers to download.
  • BlackDog’s Halloween Party – Play Halloween games, colour pictures, find party ideas, send cards, carve a pumpkin, bob for apples, write your own Halloween story, and more.
  • Canvaswerks – Presents original poetry and graphic art with a Halloween theme.
  • Cap’n Wacky’s Boatload of Evil – Offers a downloadable mask pattern, stories, trick or treating tips, and more. Includes the Gallery of Unfortunate Halloween Cards.
  • Castle Arcana Halloween – Come ‘click-or-treating’ at Castle Arcana. Ghosts, witches, pumpkins, and other happy haunts.
  • Caverns Of Blood – Features Halloween and horror games, virtual greeting cards, haunted house, movie trivia, graphics, ouija board, and more.
  • CelebrationCorner.com: Halloween – Offers Halloween recipes, activities, and tips for a not-so-scary family halloween using Nestle products.
  • Delicia’s Games of Halloween – List online games.
  • Devil’s Tramping Ground – Presents interactive Flash animations for Halloween based on historic early american folk tales.
  • Dreamascream – Halloween costumes and masks for adults, children, toddlers and more.
  • EarthSands Halloween – Offers ideas for home-made props and special effects, decorations, parties, recipes, and more.
  • Everything Halloween – Offering Halloween news, costuming ideas, children’s games, links to stories, and yearly costume predictions.
  • Fabulous Foods: Halloween – Collection of recipes for Halloween, crafts, decorations, jack-o’-lantern and pumpkin carving tips, party and costume ideas, and more.
  • FamilyFun: Halloween Fright Site – Halloween party, costume, craft, and recipe ideas.
  • GhostDroppings.com – Features messageboards on Halloween and all things creepy.
  • Ghosts of Halloween Past – Reader-submitted stories of past Halloweens.
  • Ghoulishly Good Times – Recipe, decorating, and party ideas from Kraft.
  • Girl’s World Halloween Spooktacular – Includes suggestions for parties, crafts, and decorations, funny and scary Halloween experiences, and spooky stories.
  • Global Halloween Alliance – Publisher of Happy Halloween Magazine and a network for “Halloweenites.”
  • Grandpa Tucker’s Halloween – Silly poems, songs, and stories for children. Includes the Spooky JukeBox.
  • Greg’s Halloween Pages – Includes a horror movie survival guide, Halloween safety tips, and other holiday fun and games.
  • Hallowe’en Corner – Original ghost stories, fun pictures, links, Hallowe’en games, and other fun stuff.
  • Halloween 2001 – Includes Halloween trivia, costumes, ghost stories, and haunted house information and props.
  • Halloween Arcade – Collection of free Shockwave and Flash games related to Halloween.
  • Halloween at 123Christian.com – Features cards, wallpapers, recipes, songs, and information about related festivals and symbols.
  • Halloween Chamber of Horrors – Offers fonts, sounds, and a virtual haunted mansion to explore.
  • Halloween Collectibles – All about collectible and antique Halloween decorations and other themed items.
  • Halloween Crafts, Games, and Costumes – Ideas for making homemade costumes, bizarre and traditional recipes, and crafts and projects, plus Halloween games.
  • Halloween Fonts – Shareware fonts. For MacIntosh only.
  • Halloween Fun With Monkey – The sock monkey tells you all about Halloween crafts.
  • Halloween Net – Tips and tricks for Halloween fun, costume ideas, ghost stories, and more.
  • Halloween News – Keeping the Halloween community informed.
  • Halloween on the Net – Celebrate Halloween with ghosts, goblins and dancing skeletons, stories and music, pictures to colour, virtual jack-o’-lanterns, and a look at Mexico’s Day of the Dead.
  • Halloween on the Web from Aristotle – Spooky jukebox, ghostly tales, jack-o’-lantern and safety tips, and other Hallow’s Eve fun.
  • Halloween Online Magazine – Publication dedicated to the Halloween community that offers articles about dark films, building special effects and props, costuming, Halloween entertaining, and more.
  • Halloween Project, The – Record of Halloween haunts, plus reviews of haunted attractions around Ontario and
  • Halloween Prop Shop – A site about Halloween which includes props, costumes, as well as haunted houses. Also includes information on the Halloween community, prop pictures, rentals, and more.

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  • Halloween Story – Tells the tale of a little boy and his friends who went out for a fun night of trick-or-treating.
  • Halloween Tricks and Treats – Halloween photography tips, poems, music, carols, games, recipes, and more.
  • Halloween-L – Forum and links for people who have a great interest in Halloween decorating, inside and out.
  • Halloween-Online.com – Includes Halloween resources, such as creepy comics, macabre music, and horrorscopes.
  • Halloween.it – Halloween guide in English and Italian, with recipes, costumes, decorations, and more.
  • Halloween: Facts and Misinformation – Examines Evangelical Christian and Neopagan beliefs, Halloween customs and traditions.
  • HalloweenCat.com – About the history of Halloween and cats, including superstitions and folklore.
  • HalloweenForum.com – Halloween discussion forums where you can discuss party ideas, Halloween music, costume ideas, and other horrifying topics.
  • HalloweenHaunted.com – Information and tips related to decorations, recipes, costumes, spooky stories, party plannings, pranks, and tricks for Halloween.
  • HalloweenKids.com – Games, pumpkin decorating, costume ideas, ghostcards, and more.
  • HalloweenMansion.com – Read or post costume and decoration ideas, drink recipes, games, ghost stories, and more.
  • Printables4kids.com – Halloween printables – word search and word scrambles.
  • HallowFreaks – Online Halloween community with information about holiday traditions, symbols, history, party tips, crafts, music, and more.
  • Happy Halloween from MichyLand
  • Haunt Night – Offers videos, games, images, and online versions of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.
  • Haunted Halloween Castle – Presents party ideas, games, recipes and more for celebrating Halloween.
  • Haunted Halloween on Kate.net – Includes Halloween screen savers, wallpaper, history, safety information, crafts, and more.
  • Haunted Illinois – Lists events, prop and illusion suggestions, links, and articles addressing the significance of Halloween.
  • Haunted Journey by Mike Kashmanian
  • Haunted New Orleans – Vampires, voodoo, ghosts, cities of the dead and other things that make New Orleans the perfect Halloween city.
  • Haunted Photos – Pictures from Halloween haunted houses and neighbourhood displays. Upload your own.
  • Hershey’s TrickorTreats.com – Features animated ecards, custom desktop wallpapers, downloadable Halloween screen savers, kids colouring pages, party invitations, and clip art.
  • HGTV: Halloween Ideas – Suggestions for indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations, crafts, costumes, recipes, and throwing a Halloween party.
  • Holiday Spot: Halloween – Offers greeting cards, Halloween history, recipes, games, party and costume ideas, screen savers, wallpapers, fonts, and more.
  • How to Take Great Halloween Photographs – From Tips for Better Photographs at the New York Institute of Photography.
  • Jack O’Lanterns.Net – Includes Halloween recipes, songs, and traditions from around the world.
  • Kids’ Turn Halloween Headquarters – Games, ecards, colouring pages, and more.
  • Labyrinth of Links – A collection of links to personal Halloween pages.
  • Laughing Skeleton Lounge – Dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of Old Halloween.
  • Lori’s Horrific Halloween – Offers games, craft ideas, pumpkin carving tips and patterns, stories, and more.
  • Martha Stewart Living: Halloween – Selection of recipes and crafts for Halloween parties, dinners, and entertaining.
  • Miss Mary’s Victorian Halloween – A compendium of gothic images, tales and whimsy from the Victorian era, including Halloween stories, games, ecards, party ideas, and more.
  • Moonchild’s Halloween – Halloween stories, survival tips, pictures, and soup and pumpkin recipes.
  • Not Just for Kids: Halloween Tricks and Treats – Offers Halloween pictures, puzzles, music, and games.
  • OurHaunt.com – Casey and Sommer’s annual yard haunts and Halloween parties.
  • Phil’s House of Horrors – Well, not too horrible. Info on Halloween, makeup, pumpkins and a whole section for the kids.
  • PhillyBurbs Halloween Guide – Annual Halloween guide. Covers many aspects of Halloween including information on costumes, decorations, safety, featured spooky and strange creatures, and local
    Philadelphia haunts.
  • Romantic Halloween – Halloween as romantic holiday? From Lovingyou.com.
  • Scary.com – Features a virtual haunted house, spooky games, scary stories, and more Halloween fun for kids.
  • Sleepless Jim’s Halloween Trivia Page – Features the Grim Reaper’s Report, Halloween birthdays, and a brief history of the holiday.
  • Taking Great Halloween Pictures – Secrets for taking dramatic Halloween pictures.
  • Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF – Donate online, download and assemble your own box, or read about the event’s history and view photos of kids and celebrities who have participated over the years.
  • Twilight Bridge: Happy Halloween – Takes a look at 2000 years of Halloween history and offers spooky midis, screen savers, recipes, greetings, and craft ideas.
  • Uncialle’s Halloween Darksite – Crafts and decorating how-tos, images, strange creatures, and stories.
  • Vampire & Halloween Page – Features poems and essays.
  • Webicurean Halloween – Features safety tips for a fun and safe Halloween with links to other helpful sites, including crafts, games, and history of the holiday.
  • Welcome To Hell – Includes party tips, ghost stories to tell on Halloween night, animated GIFs, scary links, rules to survive a horror movie, and more.
  • Wikipedia: Halloween – Article looks at the history of Halloween and its traditions. Also includes information about Halloween symbols, cultural history, and religious viewpoints.

Update: Here is the Halloween Resources for 2007 page.

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History of the Halloween Costume

September 27, 2006 at 9:10 pm (Halloween Costumes, Uncategorized)

The word Halloween itself is based in the Catholic church. How the Halloween costume evolved is based more in the Celtic traditions. In Celtic Ireland back in the 5th century BC, summer actually ending on October 31st. this became a holiday called Samhain which celebrated the Celtic New Year.


The story that is thought to be the origin of the Halloween costume goes like this. On that day called Samhain, the disembodied spirits of the dead would return to find living bodies to possess for the next year. They thought that this was their only hope for the after life. As you can imagine the living didn’t want to be possessed. So on October 31st the living would make their homes undesirable by extinguishing fires to make them cold. Then these villagers would dress up in ghoulish costumes; make all kinds of noise and commotion to ward off being possessed by the spirits of the past year. This was the beginning of the Halloween costume.

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Halloween Safety Tips

September 27, 2006 at 9:02 pm (Halloween Costumes, Halloween History, Halloween Masks)

Halloween is a great, candy-filled day. What could be better than dressing up in your favorite Halloween costumes, getting together with your friends or family and going door-to-door asking for candy. It’s so important to make sure your Halloween is safe. There are several rules that should be followed to ensure a safe, happy, candy-filled experience.Here is a list of general rules to keep Halloween safe:

  1. It’s important to pick a Halloween mask that fits your face and allows you to see.
  2. If you are going trick-or-treating outside when it’s dark – pick a Halloween costume that’s reflective and make sure it’s says “Flame-Retardant”.
  3. Your Halloween costume should also be short enough so you don’t trip over it.
  4. Make sure you have a flashlight with you.
  5. You should also take an ID card with you in case you get lost.
  6. If it’s possible – take a parent or another adult with you.
  7. If you think you’re too old to have a parent or adult with you – make sure you stay in a group. Don’t go out alone.
  8. Don’t go to houses that are not lit up – only go to houses with lights on.
  9. Don’t talk to strangers.
  10. Remember to be very careful when crossing streets.
  11. When you’re all done trick-or-treating – make sure a parent goes through your candy before you eat it.

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Halloween is Approaching

September 27, 2006 at 8:45 pm (Halloween Costumes)

Halloween is fast approaching and the kids are already thinking about what costume they will be wearing this year.  One girl I talked with is planning on going as a cute little girl, that is to say she is going to wear a dress and put her hair up in pigtails and be the “cute little girl” for costume. I told her that was funny because she was going as herself. She did not think that was so funny.

Anyway, the time to decide and pick out a costume is fast approaching. So don’t wait for long before you choose. I seriously hate going to Walmart the night before and finding out that there are no good costumes left.

If choosing a  costume for a child who will be trick or treating, try to keep safety in mind. Lighter colored costumes that can be seen in the dark are much safer. Also make sure that the costume does not happer the childs mobility, by either restricting physical movement or by restricting the childs vision.

So with that in mind, check out the cool selection of costumes available at Dreamascream.com.

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