Halloween Costume Videos on YouTube

October 17, 2006 at 12:16 pm (Halloween Costumes)

I did a search for Halloween Costumes on Youtube, and many of the Halloween videos were family home videos spliced together with sound. I think I can actually make a better video than a lot of the ones that were on there. Perhaps I will have to give my kids a project. Ah great fun, give the kids a video camera, and Halloween costumes and violia! Instant Halloween video. But I have to admit, I still have a thing for the old Jamie Lee Halloween movies, which is the clip below that came up in the search results. The clip was not that hard to watch, that is compared to the DVD of NipTuck that I watched last night. The original Halloween movie is going to be on the big screen for two nights only, Nov 30 and 31st of course. The movie will be shown at select venues. I am sure it will sell out, so get your tickets early.

But of the home made Halloween Costume videos, I especially liked DeviLizious‘s video about her potential Halloween Costume. From what I can see from her video, the Devil costume seemed to work for her. Well will have to check back and see what she ends up wearing. I myself am still putting it off. I know my daughter has made up her mind about what she is going to be…she has not told me, but I know the color purple is involved in her Costume. My son will wait until the last minute and go as his usual scary alien Halloween costume.


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