Halloween Contest Update

September 27, 2007 at 6:15 pm (Halloween Costume Giveaway, Uncategorized)

I went to bed last night and realized I forgot to write a Halloween Costume Giveaway update post, but fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be, there were no new blog submissions for the contest, so I did not fail to give anyone a link that entered.

Halloween Contest Promotional Activities

Here is what I was doing yesterday.

I got notification that Screamdream was added to FuelMyblog, and I just added the FuelMyblog widget to the sidebar. I also inquired about sponsoring a similiar contest on FuelMyblog. No reply as of yet.

Blogging Against Abuse Joined blogging against abuse or signed up to do an abuse post, which will be the post that follows this post. The Blogcatalog blogging event is an event where bloggers agree to post about abuse. What type of abuse is determined by the blog owners. I will be doing a post on this blog about Child Abuse.
  • Created a Twitter Account and proceeded to modify my Twitter profile.
  • Created a Viddler account and actually contacted Viddler about submitting the contest, I did not put a video on Viddler yet, because I really dislike my voice. I have a buddy who I swear sounds like a newscaster who I will be getting to make a video about the contest, hopefully this will be happening on Friday.
  • I had a buddy who was responsible for this blog Digg the contest here is the Digg Halloween Contest link if you would like to Digg it too…please.
  • I was also on Bumpzee a bit yesterday…seems like the greater percentage of visits are from Bumpzee vs Mybloglog and Blogcatalog.
  • Started to edit the Halloween Links or resources post inorder to numerate it, but I decided my efforts could better be spent elsewere. I may get back to the numeration of the Halloween links at another time.

Today, I will be answering emails, and maybe checking out a few other blogs, but it should be a pretty low key day once I finish the Child Abuse post.



  1. kevind said,

    I mailed your gmail account, yesterday 😉


    (Great idea for a comp, very timely!)

  2. clintmarker said,

    Thanks for the timely reply Kevin, sorry I am a bit lax with checking my Gmail.
    It does seem to be the time for a Halloween contest. Thanks for your input ahead of time…oh and Love FuelMyBlog.com.

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