Hallaween Oops Halloween Keywords

October 4, 2007 at 4:20 pm (Halloween Costume Giveaway, Halloween Costumes, Halloween Links, Uncategorized) (, , , )

Just checking out the traffic from yesterday, here is a pic of the Halloween Keywords that were used to find the site.

The Top posts for yesterday were the Halloween Links post and the Halloween Resources post Great Halloween sites for 2007. The Halloween Costume Contest post was the next highest seen page and the runner up was the Halloween Costumes from the Movies post.

Halloween KeywordsTwo Days Left-Enter Now!
The Dreamascream Halloween Costume Giveaway is wrapping up. Two days left for the contest. Lots of entries have been received by people who joined the newsletter, and only handful joined by doing a Halloween video or writing a Halloween costume post. It would seem like their would be more of the later two, as you get more entries for these two, but the easiest way to enter is just by signing up for the Halloween Newsletter.


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Halloween Contest Update – four

October 2, 2007 at 6:23 pm (Halloween Costume Giveaway, Halloween Costumes, Halloween Links, Uncategorized) (, , , )

It has been a while since I did an update, but sadly the entries have not come poring in for the Halloween Costume Giveaway.

Anastasia from Enter Now, a sweepstakes site did a post about the Halloween contest. We have also had a lot of entries from people who signed for the Newsletter. The only video thus far was the one done by buddy Jim.

Halloween Contest for Mutts

Today I found a cool Halloween Costume contest that is literally for the dogs. The site Luvmutt.com is having a Halloween contest as well. For this contest, all you need to do is send them a pic of your dog, I mean mutt(No purebreeds aloud) in a Halloween contest. The contest is running now until the end of the month. Prizes have yet to be disclosed. But being it is a Halloween Costume contest for Mutts, I just had to inform any readers who may have a Mutt and want to enter them into either contest. Sure, I will accept Halloween posts about pet costumes as well.

Yesterdays Halloween Contest Activities

In addition to chatting with Emperor Anton on Twitter in the morning, I started a Halloween Links page on Jottit.com after seeing a link for it on one of the tweets in my Twitter stream. Another way I can show some link love to any other Halloween sites that get involved in the Dreamascream.com Halloween Costume Giveaway.

I also created a Halloween Contest Group on Viddler, where the videos for the Halloween contest are being hosted. At the time of the creation of this post, the only Halloween video in the group has been viewed well over 200x.

I also submitted the Halloween Costume Contest to Sweeprs.com which is a digg like contest/sweepstakes site, where you can submit your contest and others vote on it. Speaking of Digg, if you want to Digg the contest here is the Halloween Contest Digg Link.


Click on the picture to go to the Halloween Contest page.

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Dreamascream Halloween Contest Video

September 29, 2007 at 6:50 pm (Halloween Costume Giveaway, Halloween Costumes, Uncategorized)

My friend Jim made this video for me for the Dreamascream Halloween Costume Giveaway.
One of the ways to enter the contest is to make a Halloween video on Viddler.com, which can be anything from a kids Halloween parade, a homemade Halloween horror movie, or a video of you telling a Halloween joke. In other words it does not need to be anything fancy. Just make sure you tag the video Dreamascream, and put a link to Dreamascream in the comments.
Viddler is a cool site for posting these videos, because you can use either a webcam or any camera that makes movies.
So head on over to Viddler and get your Halloween video entry in for the Dreamascream Halloween Costume Giveaway.

Halloween Costume Giveaway Contest

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New Halloween Communities

September 25, 2007 at 7:54 pm (Halloween Costume Giveaway, Halloween Costumes, Halloween Masks)

I started several new online communities today, and joined about a dozen more.

Created a Bumpzee account, and joined about a half dozen communities on BumpZee. Sent about a good dozen private messages on Bumpzee and had quite a bit of good response. I also was pretty active on Mybloglog today, having left private messages on a number of profiles. I joined JohnChow’s community on Mybloglog, as well as JohnCow’s and John From SmartwealthRich’s community as well.  I will join more communities and chat with more bloggers tomorrow. I joined FuelMyBlog.com, and will be putting the widget in the sidebar upon acceptance.

No new blog entries today, but the contest is just getting started. We had well over 100 page views yesterday, and today it seems like we will have even more.

I will be updating the blog about the Dreamascream’s Annual Halloween Costume Giveaway on a daily basis, and will be giving links to those blogs that enter in those daily updates.

Well for today, I got to go, but if any readers would like to offer any tips for running a contest or would like to just say hello, please leave a comment.

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Halloween Costume Giveaway Update

September 24, 2007 at 8:09 pm (Halloween Costumes, Halloween Masks)

The Halloween Costume Giveaway contest is in higear and momentum is picking up.  Our first entry was received Shrek Costumeyesterday from ContestBeat.com who did the post My Best Halloween Costume.

I was also very busy using Mybloglog today.   Mybloglog is a tool that has been used by countless other bloggers as a networking tool that connects bloggers of certain types of bloggs. My profile on Mybloglog is MarkerMan.  Oh, and no that’s not me to the left, it’s a man in a Shrek Costume.

Sites(blogs) that enter the Halloween Costume Giveaway contest will also receive at least one mention in at least one post(Probably more if they have an awesome post). I will be doing postings about the progress of the Halloween contest on a daily basis, so I should have ample opportunity to spread the link love.

I will also be doing a post at the end of the contest, where I list all the participating blogs/vlogs, and forums that participated.

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