New Halloween Communities

September 25, 2007 at 7:54 pm (Halloween Costume Giveaway, Halloween Costumes, Halloween Masks)

I started several new online communities today, and joined about a dozen more.

Created a Bumpzee account, and joined about a half dozen communities on BumpZee. Sent about a good dozen private messages on Bumpzee and had quite a bit of good response. I also was pretty active on Mybloglog today, having left private messages on a number of profiles. I joined JohnChow’s community on Mybloglog, as well as JohnCow’s and John From SmartwealthRich’s community as well.  I will join more communities and chat with more bloggers tomorrow. I joined, and will be putting the widget in the sidebar upon acceptance.

No new blog entries today, but the contest is just getting started. We had well over 100 page views yesterday, and today it seems like we will have even more.

I will be updating the blog about the Dreamascream’s Annual Halloween Costume Giveaway on a daily basis, and will be giving links to those blogs that enter in those daily updates.

Well for today, I got to go, but if any readers would like to offer any tips for running a contest or would like to just say hello, please leave a comment.


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Halloween Costume Giveaway Update

September 24, 2007 at 8:09 pm (Halloween Costumes, Halloween Masks)

The Halloween Costume Giveaway contest is in higear and momentum is picking up.  Our first entry was received Shrek Costumeyesterday from who did the post My Best Halloween Costume.

I was also very busy using Mybloglog today.   Mybloglog is a tool that has been used by countless other bloggers as a networking tool that connects bloggers of certain types of bloggs. My profile on Mybloglog is MarkerMan.  Oh, and no that’s not me to the left, it’s a man in a Shrek Costume.

Sites(blogs) that enter the Halloween Costume Giveaway contest will also receive at least one mention in at least one post(Probably more if they have an awesome post). I will be doing postings about the progress of the Halloween contest on a daily basis, so I should have ample opportunity to spread the link love.

I will also be doing a post at the end of the contest, where I list all the participating blogs/vlogs, and forums that participated.

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Win $50 in the Dreamascream Halloween Costume Giveaway

September 22, 2007 at 10:12 pm (Halloween Costumes, Halloween Masks)

Harry Potter CostumesHalloween is rapidly approaching, and Dreamascream is having a contest. The prizes that are being given away are two fifty dollar gift certificates good for purchases made at Fifty bucks is more than enough to purchase any of the many Halloween costumes or masks Dreamascream has in stock.

So How do you enter the Halloween Costume Giveaway?

  1. Sign up to receive the Dreamascream Halloween Newsletter (1 entry). You can do this from the homepage of Dreamascream site.
  2. Leave us a relevant comment on this blog post. (1 entry) – Only 1 comment will count for an entry, but more comments are always welcomed.
  3. Got a blog, write a post entitled “My Best Halloween Costume” which should be about, you guessed it, your best Halloween costume. This can be your costume or if you are a parent, the best costume you made for your kids. I know I made some doozies for my son. When you write the post, link the words “Halloween Costume” ,”Halloween Mask”, or “kids Costume” to and also link to this post using the trackback url. (5 entries)
  4. Make a Halloween video on (must create a Viddler account for free). We are not looking for high quality Hollywood types of Halloween videos here, just the average mom or pop or teen Halloween video will do, but please no pornography. Leave the url of Dreamascream in a comment on your video and also Tag the video “”.

Finally, the drawing for the $50 Gift Certificate from Dreamascream will take place some time on October 7th, 2007 – plenty of time to shop for a great Halloween costume, mask or whatever you’d like! Start submitting your entries and we’ll keep you updated!

Thanks and Happy Halloween!

Update: The contest ended on October 6, 2007. Read the post about the Halloween Costume Giveaway Winners.

Dreamascream Large Banner

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Halloween still seems so far away…

September 19, 2007 at 6:40 pm (Halloween Costumes, Halloween Masks)

But, it’s not.

I’m looking for an idea for an original Halloween costume. I’ve been a witch, a ghost, a clown – all the usual costumes, but I want an original costume this Halloween. Back when I was in college, I had my mother make me a straight jacket. It was great and a bit confining.

The characters from movies are always a big item – but, there are so many of them out there. Spiderman and Harry Potter are good costumes – but, better for my kids. I need an adult costume – not a sexy costume – I’d be embarrassed.  My daughter and her girlfriend are going out as Barbie and Ken – I’m sure they can pull it off fabulously.

Back to me.  I’m definitely too old for trick-or-treating – but I have a few Halloween parties lined up that do require a costume. I’ll continue my search and any ideas for Halloween costumes are definitely appreciated.

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Halloween Costumes from the Movies – Spiderman, Shrek, the Simpsons!!

September 7, 2007 at 8:24 pm (Halloween Costumes, Halloween Masks)

This Halloween season at Dreamascream – you can find a variety of costumes from recent and popular movies. The have a selection of Spiderman costumes, including Big and XXL Spiderman Halloween costumes. You can also find both Shrek and Fiona costumes. They have a really great Shrek mask.

Just like last season – Harry Potter costumes are still popular. There is a good selection of Harry Potter accessories too. The Simpsons movie came out this summer and just in time for Halloween – the Bart Simpson Halloween mask is sure to be a hit.

Shop early for your costumes and masks, but if you can’t decide… Dreamascream offers expedited shipping so you’ll have your costume in plenty of time for the big day.

There are thousands of Halloween costumes, decorations and accessories to create your own haunted house. Stop by Dreamascream today!

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